“In July 2020, my entire family was infected by the Coronavirus. Though all my family members recovered at home, my condition turned serious.

I had major difficulty in finding a hospital bed, and it was during this time that Mr. Pankaj Poddar and Mr. Rajesh Bang stepped in. Through their untiring efforts, they managed to find me a bed at Bellevue hospital (one of the most reputed hospitals in Kolkata). After I was admitted they were in constant touch over the phone, giving me moral support and strength.

I would also like to mention Mr. Deepak Agarwal and Mr. Vikash Sharma for their help and support.

During these tough times, it was the #Electrosteel family which stood by me — this was truly…

‘गरीब कि अमीरी’ — ‘Chu Kar Mere Man Ko’ Part 4

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

(Continuing the #ElectrosteelGroup initiative ‘Chu Kar Mere Man Ko (‘You Touched My Heart’), where employees share an incident that touched their hearts.)

Bijay Kr Singh writes:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

22 मार्च 2020 कि थाली बज चुकी थी। उसके बाद वाले दिन ही पुरे भारत में Lockdown कि घोषणा माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी के…

Continuing the #ElectrosteelGroup initiative ‘Chu Kar Mere Man Ko (‘You Touched My Heart’), where employees share an incident that touched their hearts.
A. RAJA of #SrikalahasthiPipesLtd writes:

“On the 10th October last year, around 5.40pm, I left for home on my motorbike in the evening as usual.
I met with an accident about 5 kms from the factory — a speeding truck hit me from the back.
While it wasn’t fatal (I had my helmet on), I was in bad shape.
Thankfully, a stranger managed to call my colleagues from my mobile phone.
Almost immediately, the…

Continuing the #ElectrosteelGroup initiative ‘Chu Kar Mere Man Ko (‘You Touched My Heart’), where employees share an incident that touched their hearts. Do share!

NABANITA DAS of #ElectrosteelCastingsLtd (Haldia Works) writes:

“During the super cyclone Amphan… at 4:00 pm the destructive storm started blowing at Haldia. The three of us were at the water treatment plant. As the storm became stronger, the aluminium sheets started blowing off.

We were very scared and decided to escape to the administrative building, which was quite some distance from us. …

When it comes to exploring planet-friendly manufacturing processes, the #ElectrosteelGroup shows the way.
#SrikalahasthiPipesLtd, an Electrosteel Group company has created a new Filtration process of granulated slag, a critical part of the blast operation (used to make DI Pipes).

In this new process, the chances of slag entering the clean water sump, is very minimal — thus enhancing the life of the pump and the pipeline.

Technical details: When the concept of new blast furnace was conceived, the slag pit of the 250 m3 existing furnace was to give way for the dust catcher and Gas Cleaning Plant (GCP) of…


India is currently in the midst of a water crisis with nearly 600 million Indians facing high to extreme water stress. Efforts by the government to mitigate the situation is ongoing with the creation of new water ministry (Jal Shakti), water conservation campaign (Jal Jeevan Mission), and renewed thrust to piped water schemes (Har Ghar Jal). But when the situation is dire and it threatens the very existence of life, one cannot help but wonder — is it too little, too late?

Every citizen of India has the right of access to ‘safe drinking water’ as part of ‘Right…


On good days, Dr. Sarah Sharp gets to watch living North Atlantic Right Whales. The school-bus sized, dark creatures, with scoop-like mouths and white spots on their face, sometimes launch themselves out of the water, like leaping ballerinas. They’ll breach and play with each other, a behavior once thought to be a mating display, but was later found to take place outside of the mating season. It’s likely the animals are just socializing, having fun with the other whales.

Sharp also enjoys watching them feeding peacefully. “They literally just mow the grass underwater with their mouths open, filter…

Ductile Iron which is also known by the name of the Spheroidal graphite iron or Nodular Cast Iron was invented in 1949. This material retains the corrosion resistance of cast iron but has more than double tensile strength, i.e, Cast Iron -180 MPa (min), Ductile Iron — 420 MPa (min). The essential distinguishing characteristics between the Cast Iron and Ductile Iron lie in the shape of the graphite in the microstructure of the metal. …

COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Thus, it’s not surprising that the pandemic has brought forth significant considerations in regards to trust, privacy and inclusion for identity technology that can help with contact tracing of the disease. Identity technology might even be deployed to provide immunity information about individuals. Developing secure solutions that help protect individuals and the community, while safeguarding privacy and ensuring fair distribution, is a complex task that needs careful consideration.

Tools for tracing COVID-19

Solutions that can improve tracking of the disease are valuable community health tools. The process of contact tracing — identifying individuals who have…

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